Featured Traveler | Nomadic Matt

For someone who’s only been traveling for five years, Nomadic Matt has covered a lot of ground. The sporadic traveler left his job behind to explore the world and has not returned since. Learn more about his travels and why he loves Paris!

Name: Nomadic Matt

Tell is a little about yourself:

I’m a travel writer who runs nomadicmatt.com and has been traveling for five years. I’ve been to about 50 countries.

Favorite city you’ve been to:

Paris, because it is just beautiful, historic, and amazing.

Favorite restaurant:

Nobu Las Vegas because I love sushi.

Best place to relax:

A beach.

Best place to have fun:

Anywhere you are with good people whose company you enjoy.

Best trip you’ve ever taken:

The one I have been on for the last 5 years!

What one piece do you have for travelers?

Don’t ever plan. Go with the flow and let the world unfold.

Where else can we find you on the web?


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