Tips for the best experience abroad

Spending an extended amount of time abroad does not always begin comfortably. It can take time to transition to the local customs and climate. Here, we provide tips for a smoother start, so you can enjoy your experience from day one.

Learn a few key phrases
It’s certainly possible to study abroad in a foreign country without knowing the native language — but learning at least a handful of common phrases will go a long way. Even if many people speak English in the region you’re visiting, your attempt at speaking the language will show that you appreciate the local culture and perhaps earn you better service as a result. For starters, learning to ask ‘Do you speak English?’ can go a long way.

Learn local standards for tips
Giving fifteen percent for waitstaff is not a global rule. In fact, in some European countries, leaving a tip is not only unnecessary but unheard of. Do your research in advance to avoid awkward instances in restaurants, hotels, salons, taxis, and more. You may save yourself some Euro this way too.

Attend orientations
There is a whole city to explore but don’t skip out on the study abroad information sessions offered in the beginning. While these auditorium meetings may seem boring or repetitive, if you listen closely, you’re sure to absorb some important tips that will make the time worthwhile.

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