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Phone/Sim card Partnership Programme

Globetrotter is a rapidly expanding cellular Air Time provider, which offers short & long-term access to the Domestic & International Cellular Networks via Vodafone (UK & Europe), Omnipoint/Sprint (The USA) and Essar (Asia). We offer a variety of services, all of which have the same focus, cost efficient call charges.

Globetrotter has designed a unique package to cater for the various travel related Industries. Past experience has shown us that large numbers of mobile phones are hired by a variety of people whom travel to the U.K. and Europe. Whether it personal or business users the reason is the same, they all want to be contactable on a local number and the majority use mobile phones. Due to the cost of using GSM roaming facilities, a high percentage of overseas visitors are hiring UK network sim cards, which saves the cost of a caller having their call routed half way around the world, to get through to a colleague, friend etc, who may only be around the corner. Our other agents have found that the revenues generated by our programme are high. By becoming an agent you will be joining our focus on Mobile telecommunications for the new millennium.

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