About gtrot

Great things happen when friends share travel plans.

Find Facebook friends who live in your destination, friends who will be there at the same time, and friends who have been there before. It’s the easiest way to get advice for your trip, let friends know you’re traveling, and track down people you should see. And we’ll alert you by email anytime a friend shares an overlapping trip or travels to your home city.

Plus you can browse friends’ trips, see where everyone’s going this summer, exchange tips, add details like photos, check-ins, and reviews to your trip, and push your plans out to Facebook and Twitter. If you’re traveling to a major US city, we’ll even hook you up with the best daily deals from sites like Groupon before you go.

About Us

We're a group of passionate technologists and travelers dedicated to making every trip awesome. See the Jobs page for more information on joining our team.