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Want to Go Wednesday: Greece!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Greece is a magical place that often evokes the images of bright white buildings with sky blue rooftops. Beyond the beauty and some of the best olives you’ll ever taste- Greece has a lot to offer- including a glimpse into the past. This week we want to go to Greece on an Archaeological dig!

Want to uncover the history of Greece? Volunteer to work at a summer archaeological dig in Greece like Josiah. Here’s an excerpt from her experience:

“It was a seal stone, used as a personal signature by Minoans, and very valuable. My room and board were provided from then on, and every day for two months I rose before dawn for a quick breakfast and the cool breeze of the boat ride to the island, before digging up the pasts of those who lived thousands of years ago under the same Mediterranean sun.

Besides receiving a free, hands-on education in archaeological fieldwork, I came to know and love the Cretan culture I was immersed in while not in the trenches. The friendships I formed there remain fast, and the lessons I learned about the breadth of history and the variety of cultural perspective continue to inform my own perception of the world. And all I had to do was show up.”

Read more detail of her archaeological dig here.

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So You Want A Career In Travel?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Do you want to work in the travel industry? Do you think you have what it takes? Read the list of qualities from Tori News below, how do you measure up?

Personality Traits:
1.) Good communication and presentation skills
2.) Good at customer service
3.) Outgoing
4.) Friendly personality
5.) Ability to handle people
6.) Verbal fluency
7.) Aptitude for languages will be advantageous
8.) Up-to-date knowledge of available facilities and services in the field
9.) Organizing ability
10.) Ability to make decisions
11.) Solve problems
12.) Work effectively within a team

So you’ve checked the boxes, what else do you need? Read on to learn about the different careers in the Travel Industry: Career in Travel and Tourism Part – 1.

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