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2nd February 2012

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The Color Run looks like the most fun 5k we’ve ever seen. You don’t have to do much training for The Color Run, as it is more about enjoying the day and less about speed. Each person will start the 5K in a clean white t-shirt and finish covered in color! Every kilometer has a different color, so when runners/walkers hit the kilometer color zone, the volunteers, sponsors and staff will blitz them with color. The 5k finish color zone isn’t just one color- it’s a color extravaganza!

The 2012 Tour de Color Run is rolling into 18 US Cities. Convince your family and friends to register for The Color Run closest to you. We’re sure it’ll be a crazy fun time!

For more information go to

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    DAMMIT! I wish I could do the one in Chicago so bad, but it’s the day of my graduation.
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    Doing this in a couple of weeks! Excited! :)
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    get splashed with
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    Now If I could actually force myself...3 miles I would absolutely do this…….
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    Yayyyy February 25...Vegas :D I’m so excited!
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    WHY aren’t they coming...Canada?! :(. One day, I...doused in...
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    I. WANT. TO. DO. THIS. gtrot:
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