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10 Tips to Save Money Abroad

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Save Money Abroad

Are you studying abroad? Do you want to? Here are a few tips to save money:

Haggle when you can- Many international cultures not only allow shoppers to haggle for lower prices but actually expect them to. Check if this behavior is acceptable and try out your negotiation skills. Save money by talking down the price or getting a discount by buying multiple items.

Track non-essential spending- It’s easy to overspend when there are so many cool knick-knacks that remind you of your travels. Instead of buying gifts in the beginning of your study abroad semester, plan ahead on who you need to buy gifts for and how much you plan on spending.

Always bring your student ID- America isn’t the only country that readily offers discounts to students. Get in the habit of showing your ID at every shop, restaurant, and museum you visit to save extra money, as not every student deal will be advertised.

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Image by Rich Byham.