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We mailed our friend Georges Duverger at Hunch a little gtrot package and he posted the goodies on Instagram

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

This hotel gives wanderlust a new meaning! http://www.wanderlusthotel.com 


Would you sign up for free airfare to Japan? We sure would.

The Japan Tourism Agency is requesting more than a billion yen from lawmakers to fund 10,000 free roundtrip tickets to the country. Their goal is to bring more tourists that will write about their experiences since the number of tourists visiting Japan have declined drastically as a result of the earthquake, tsunami and recent nuclear disaster. Those granted the free roundtrip will have to blog about their experiences and cover the costs of hotel accommodations and food. If lawmakers approve the funding, visitors could start applying as early as April 2012. If approved, will you be applying? 

It’s finally October! Aren’t you excited for fall weather and pumpkin spice lattes? We know. We miss summer too.

Now that October is upon us, it’s time to plan your holiday travels. Thanksgiving is just over a month away, so you still have time to choose the perfect destination, find flights and book hotel accommodations, if you haven’t yet. We want you to have the best trip ever, so we’ve put together our travel secrets for holiday travel. Head over to The Trot Blog for holiday travel tips! 

Meet Colleen Curtis. Colleen is a Michigan native who moved from Chicago to Brooklyn. Although she travels often for work, she tries to explore each city to find hidden gems. Read more to learn about her favorite trips and how she plans on visiting all 50 United States!


Santa Monica, California 

Cool journals to keep track of your travel, or journals to write down everywhere you want to go! 

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It’s t-shirt time! 

A Sleeping Capsule for when You Get Stuck at Airports

A sleeping capsule by Russian architects Arch Group allows anyone in unforseen circumstances to comfortably rest and relax.

Sleepbox is a tiny hotel room in a box for napping at airports. The capsules feature wifi, luggage storage and beds.

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If you’re in Chicago this weekend, be sure to get out and enjoy the warm weather! Need something to do? We’ve got you covered! Check out our blog on Built In Chicago

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