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3rd January 2012

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Quiet Time: Will 2012 be the year travelers force themselves to disconnect?

In a recent article titled “The Joy of Quiet”, Pico Iyer described his experiences being away from modern technology and the trends he expects to see in the future. He’s never really had to take a break from technology because he’s always been separated from it- no cellphone, Facebook or Twitter. He shared that he noticed an increase in people taking quiet time from their day jobs and social lives. He also mentioned that travelers were taking extreme measures to disconnect.

He wrote, “Around the same time, I noticed that those who part with $2,285 a night to stay in a cliff-top room at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur pay partly for the privilege of not having a TV in their rooms; the future of travel, I’m reliably told, lies in ‘black-hole resorts,’ which charge high prices precisely because you can’t get online in their rooms. Has it really come to this?”

Has it really come to this? Is the future of travel paying more for a wireless getaway? Many travel bloggers and enthusiasts share their experiences through social media. Some begin as soon as they land and others wait until the trip is over. Could 2012 be the year travelers disconnect to have the best travel experience?

We would like to hear your thoughts!

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