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12th January 2012

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Keep your change!

According to TSA, many travelers leave loose change at airport security checkpoints everyday. Although TSA wishes to return the money to the rightful owners, it’s nearly impossible, so the money is used to fund different operations.

In 2010, the loose change left at security checkpoints amounted to $409,085.56. That’s $376,480.39 in US currency plus foreign currency worth $32,605.17 reports USA Today.

Which airports collected the most chump change?

1. John F. Kennedy International in New York - $46,918.06

2. Los Angeles International - $19,110.83

3. Hartsfield Atlanta International - $16,523.83

4. San Francisco International - $15,908.02

5. Miami International - $15,844.83

That’s a lot of money! Be sure to check your bins before you leave the security area!

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