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Announcing gtrot & Let’s Go Partnership

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Let’s Go Travel Guides and partner to create the next generation social travel guide
New partnership combines expert travel advice with real-time recommendations from friends

Monday April 4, 2011 - Let’s Go, Inc., the leading publisher of budget travel guides, and social travel site announced today a groundbreaking partnership to create personalized, online social travel guides for better trip planning.

“Anyone who has ever planned a trip knows that there’s no shortage of travel information on the Web,” said Joseph Molimock, Publishing Director. “But a lot of that information is outdated or inaccurate, and it’s hard to trust anonymous reviews or recommendations written by people with different interest and tastes.  Our partnership with will begin to change all that.”

Visitors to looking for travel advice will discover a combination of expert reviews powered by Let’s Go and social recommendations from Facebook friends.  The social component includes venue ratings, Facebook and Foursquare check-ins, and real-time tips submitted by Facebook friends during their trips.

“It’s truly a dynamic and social experience,” said Brittany Laughlin, co-founder of  “The recommendations for a given destination are constantly updated with real-time reviews, easily searchable and savable, and personalized with social and expert reviews.”

Thousands of people use to share travel plans and tips with Facebook friends.  The site alerts travelers to friends with overlapping plans and allows users to find friends who have been to their destination.

Let’s Go, the definitive source for budget travel guides, has provided travelers with authentic, affordable, and off-the-beaten-path advice for more than 50 years in hundreds of destinations.

About Let’s Go and gtrot:

About Let’s Go, Inc.: Let’s Go publishes the world’s favorite student travel guides written entirely by college undergraduates. With pen and notebook in hand, and a few changes of underwear stuffed in their backpacks, Let’s Go student researchers go across continents, through time zones, and above expectations to seek out the best travel experiences. Let’s Go has been on the road for 50 years and counting; and on a mission to provide readers with sharp, fresh coverage and socially responsible opportunities to go beyond tourism. Our website,, connects readers to our researchers—and each other—with blogs, photos, and the latest travel deals.

About gtrot: makes travel more social by helping users share travel plans and experiences with Facebook friends. Travelers can see where friends are going for the holidays, who’s been to a destination they’re visiting, and which friends will be nearby. We also make it easy for travelers to discover things to do based on recommendations gathered in real-time from friends and daily deals available in their destination. Our users are currently sharing trips to more than 30,000 destinations worldwide.

An Innocent Abroad

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Would you travel into the heart of Nicholas D. Kristof? Find out about Mitch’s experience in Africa and where he felt both ‘hope and despair’.

college travel redefined

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

gtrotWelcome to our blog!  We’re in Harvard Square for the summer developing, a travel site for college students.  Now, we know what you’re thinking.   Another travel site?  But we’ve done our share of traveling, we’ve talked with lots of students who have done the same, and we’re sure there’s a better way to do travel on the web.

Our development team is made up of college students and recent grads who share a passion for technology and travel.  Not just the backpack-across-Europe, trek-through-the-Amazon kind of travel, but also the casual trips that are a regular part of college life: the holiday weekends at home, the roadtrips to conference games, the spring break vacations with friends.

We want to make all these experiences cheaper, easier, and more social.  (More environmentally-friendly too!)  But most of all, we want travel to be simple again.  Enough with the exhaustive trip planning tools, and the barrage of annoying add-on offers.  We’re harnessing the power of web-based technology and the Facebook social network to bring you simple and essential booking features, the cheapest prices, and the academic and social information you need to arrange your travels and share them with friends.

Easy, cheap, social, and green.  That’s the way travel should be.

Happy travels,
Zach and Rob, co-founders of