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Bonjour! Bongiorno! Hola! Hello! Guten Tag!

Hi! Margaux here, writing to you from an internet cafe in Berlin!  Since June 15th I’ve been backpacking through Europe with my best friend Alexa and we are so excited to be able to share our trip with you this way!

First, a little bit about us.  We grew up together since age 3 in Northeastern New Jersey, but we usually just tell people we’re from Manhattan (Bad Habit? We think it’s fine).  After high-school we parted ways: Alexa ended up at U Miami in The Sunshine State (Florida) and I ended up at Wellesley in the exact OPPOSITE of the sunshine state (Massachussetts).  We both just graduated this year and this backpacking trip was inevitable…

Travel-wise, I’d say we’re both quite seasoned for your average college graduates.  Here’s some history:

Alexa: When I was 12 I first ventured into Lugano, Switzerland for a month long stay at an American University named TASIS. After that, I was hooked and travelled back to Italy three times (I’m Italian so obviously that’s my fav country… Margaux won’t stop making fun of me about it, apparently white Juicy pants are “SOOOO Italian.”) I’ve also travelled around Spain, Turkey and the islands of Greece. Outside of Europe I’ve been to Quebec, Montreal and your standard high-school spring break: the tropical islands. I’ve also hopped around the states, from coast to coast.  I’ve never backpacked until this trip… (more…)