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Privet from Moscow!

I’ve got a bit of down time right now and figured I’d write a little something about Moscow life for me.  I’ve been here now for 6 weeks or so and I think I’m a little more than half way done with my trip, which I have absolutely loved so far.

I’m working at a consulting a company called CSoft here in Moscow. The first couple weeks were slow-going at work: I had to settle in, bags were lost, then my boss had business trips, etc. but I made use of the time to form some office relationships and practice my Russian with them (everything is conducted in Russian - meetings, trainings, etc).

However outside of work has been fast from the beginning, and it never seems to slow down. I’m constantly meeting new people - Russians, Americans, Turks - and building relationships with those I’ve met.   Last night I met some Englishmen and an Irish guy, which was a first.  Believe it or not, the nightlife here is just unparalleled. I’ve seen famous European DJs, classy clubs where nearly naked women dance on stage, and seedy joints where two separate fights broke out in one night. (more…)