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5th December 2011

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We’re co-hosting #TRAVEX this afternoon with @alexandrahe and @Butterflydiary!

Every week our followers ask us what A1 and A2 are when we’re participating in other Twitter chats, but this week we’re actually hosting one!

#TRAVEX is a new kind of travel chat, launched by travel-savvy tweeters @travelsquire and @theexplorateur. The tweetup is designed to encourage thoughtful discussion and exchange of travel related ideas, with educational touchpoints as well.

As co-hosts, we will tweet questions and educational touchpoints from 5:00PM-6:00PM EST today, December 5, 2011. Today’s topic is England! 

It’s very easy to join the travel chat. Simply end each tweet with #TRAVEX. Using this hashtag will ensure that you’re a part of the conversation.

For more information about #TRAVEX go to theExplorateur!

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