NYT blogs about gtrot

The New York Times travel blog, In Transit: A Guide to Intelligent Travel, picked up the gtrot launch, posting this nice piece about the site!  Tanya Mohn writes, “There are Web sites for sharing car rides, booking tickets and, of course, social networking. Gtrot, a Web site that launched today, plans to combine them all.”  The post emphasizes the booking features, which will allow users to find flight and hotels, share cabs and rides, and then automatically share their travel plans with friends.

These features are coming soon, and will be rolled out incrementally over the next six weeks - all in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.  In the meantime, take a minute to record all of your past trips and upcoming plans, and have fun exploring your friends’ travels.  Stay tuned for updates!

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  • Congrats Zach! Site looks fantastic - love it! I'm so proud!
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