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4th January 2012

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Continuing our conversation from yesterday, this morning Nilou Motamed, Features Director at Travel + Leisure, stopped by the Today Show to discuss the best destinations to unplug. She mentioned that we’ll be seeing more of black hole resorts in the future. In a recent poll on, 81% of people said they needed quiet time.

Check out these 6 quiet destinations Motamed mentioned on The Today Show:

1. Fairmont Kenauk At Le Chateau Montebello, Quebec

2. Arawak Beach Inn, Anguilla

3. Ranch At Live Oak Malibu, California

4. Casa Violeta, Talum, Mexico

5. Boulder Outdoor Survival School, Utah

6. Lemarti’s Camp, Kenya

Will you be planning an “unplugged” vacation anytime soon?

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