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28th February 2012


Chicago is home to an incredible budding tech scene and a few of the Windy City digital startup and tech folks will be heading to Austin in two weeks for SXSW. Meet Brittany and Zach of gtrot, and our other Chicago friends at the Techweek SXSWi Innovate+Chicago Party!

If you’re traveling to Austin in March, be sure to RSVP on Eventbrite

Also, follow @thetechweek for updates and to score a VIP pass.

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8th December 2011

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I recently asked a friend who was just back from a PhoCosWright conference if there was any buzz around the topic of Social Travel. From his response, I gathered that the buzz was that nobody has yet nailed it. At this point, it seems as though Gtrot is closer than anyone else to presenting travel content using a person’s social graph. With travel being inherently social, something big is bound to develop very soon.

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28th September 2011

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You know how much we love sharing our travel on-the-go! We stumbled upon a cool app that allows you to send postcards directly from your iPhone! We’re excited to test out Postcard On The Run! What we like most is that you don’t have to know the person’s address you’re sending the postcard to. Postal Gopher, the In App Address Retrieval, takes care of it all! They’ll contact your friend directly via SMS or email to request their address, and once they respond, Postal Gopher will automatically update your address book. Using Postcard On The Run is really simple. Upload your photo, add a comment, choose your font, sign your name (sweet, right?), add a GPS map to your photo if you want (to give your friends severe wanderlust), preview the postcard, and it’s ready to go! Each postcard is $0.99.

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