launch in one week!

We’re launching in one week with a simple goal in mind:  giving all travelers - and college students especially - the information and tools they need to arrange their trips and make the most of their travel experiences.

On, you find the cheapest flights and hotels in seconds, and then use our “share a cab” feature to find taxi-buddies for your trip to the airport.  Driving home instead?  Then use our simple ride-sharing feature to catch a ride home, saving money while reducing the environmental costs of holiday travel.  We help you manage and edit these arrangements on your own travel page, complete with an interactive academic calendar and travel map (showing everywhere you’ve been and places you’re going).

More importantly, we make it easy to explore your friends’ trips and share your own.   Our innovative sharing interface allows you to search aggregated trip data by friend, holiday, date, or city, giving you answers to questions like:  Where are my friends going for Spring Break? What is my cousin doing this Thanksgiving? Who else will be in Montreal in mid-June?  Which of my friends has been to Paris and can give me some travel tips?

It’s just that easy to explore your friends’ trips, find the holiday hotspots, and locate friends with overlapping plans.  Because we use Facebook Connect, you can log into gtrot using your Facebook information – no registration necessary – and immediately connect with other users in your Facebook social network.  And don’t worry:  simple privacy settings let you choose how your information is shared.

Easy, cheap, social, and green.  That’s the way travel should be.

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