Krakow is GORGEOUS.

Hey there, it’s Alexa again! Sorry we went M.I.A for a while, we really didn’t come upon another computer during the rest of our trip. So I’m writing to you from Margaux’s room in good ol’ Jersey.

We last left off searching for the John Lennon wall. Interestingly enough, Prague residents don’t know where the wall sits, some say it’s a myth, some say there never was such a wall, some simply don’t understand what we were asking. The wall is a great tribute to the Beatles, with quotes and song lyrics scribbled all over the wall. It also carries some political statements, love notes and personal drawings all dedicated to either John Lennon himself, the Beatles or another famous artist.

Our search proved to take the better half of our evening so instead of anything crazy, Margaux and I went straight to a movie theatre to see Harry Potter! We just couldn’t resist seeing our favorite wizards, especially in such a foreign place… it made it a little more magical knowing we’d walk outside into the “City of A Thousand Spires.”

We left Prague the next morning for another long train ride to Krakow, Poland. The train ride was…. a train ride. Luckily there weren’t any crazy drunk Germans or singing Czech men in our cabin this time. We arrived to a beautiful old city, which easily became our FAVORITE of the small cities we visited. Our hostel was unbelievably clean, modern and cozy, with dark wood floors and rich colored bedding. Even the owners were gracious and enjoyable, two young girls… maybe in their late 20s. They actually suggested two restaurants, one of which we ate at, the other of which was too crowded to get in to (obviously an indicator of their quality).

Our main purpose of visiting Krakow was to visit Auschwitz, about an hour outside of the central train station in Krakow. The experience was something not to be missed. It was a great learning experience and an emotionally draining day.

Though Krakow is mostly known for its convenient location to the concentration camp, the city is a gem of its own. The old city square is full of restaurants, hotels and street performers. Krakow seems to be a very young town, with couples and small groups of people who are all looking to have a good time. There are club promoters walking around the city, with free drink specials and guaranteed entry. The whole city is spotless, the cobble stones are all straightened out and easy to walk on, and the Zloty makes everything SUPER cheap! No really, Margaux and I had a three course meal for $20 each, including tax and tip. Seriously, GO TO KRAKOW!

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